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Automating the audit and recovery of your insurance claims overpayments. It's your money. Get it back.

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Overpayment Identification

Overpayment Identification

Transaction errors are inevitable in Medicare, Dental, Major Medical, and Long Term Care insurance claims. APU's data mining systems help you reduce and recoup lost dollars, providing you with customized analytics to address your company's unique procedures. 

APU offers all of this risk-free.
We don’t get paid unless you do.

Overpayment Recovery

Overpayment Recovery

Whether your staff identifies the overpayments or you hire us to do it, our recovery process works. Using a non-adversarial approach, we're committed to resolving overpaid insurance claims accurately, fairly, and without legal action of any kind. APU typically recoups nearly 80% of recoverable overpayments.

Total Outsourcing

Total Outsourcing

APU offers an extensive suite of process and performance analytics to complement our auditing and recovery service or on a stand-alone basis. Working within your data universe, we analyze your operations to identify strengths and weaknesses that help you make mission-critical decisions. We turn data into information.

APU Recovered Millions of Dollars

We've Recovered
Hundreds of Millions of Dollars
Since 2002

Proven Results

“We outsourced our entire post payment recovery effort to APU. They’ve consistently exceeded our expectations”

"APU’s specialized solutions are a great addition to our current payment integrity program. Since inception, we’ve seen over 100x ROI with no disruption or incremental costs.”

“In my over 30 years of working with vendors I’ve never had a better working relationship than with APU.”

APU Recapturing Overpayment

Recapturing Overpayment Losses Is Easier Than You Think

APU will create permanent, mutually beneficial, “win-win” relationships with our clients by:

  • Listening to our clients’ needs
  • Learning about our clients’ processes
  • Understanding and adapting to our mutual strengths and weaknesses

And from this knowledge base, APU, Inc. will directly contribute to the financial success of our clients by:

  • Building customized data analytics that identify recovery opportunity
  • Employing non-adversarial techniques to recapture overpaid insurance claims
  • Stewarding our joint efforts to improve client data, processes and procedures
  • Enhancing the growth and success of our company, our employees, and our community, as well as those of our clients’, individually and collectively
APU Recovered Millions of Dollars

Avoiding Overpayment Losses Is
Easier Than You Think